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Prof. Wolfe teaches Systematic and Philosophical Theology, as well as Theology & the Arts.
In 2014, she was awarded a Teaching Excellence Award by the University of Oxford.

Current Teaching:

Prof. Wolfe is engaged in grant-funded research projects during the academic year 2023/24, and is offering limited undergraduate or Master’s teaching during this time. She is contributing to DI1001 God and the World, DI2010 Philosophical Theology, and to seminars and reading groups.
From 28 to 31 May 2024, she is offering an intense seminar on theology and the poetry of Friedrich Hölderlin at the School of Divinity, together with Prof. Thomas Pfau (Duke).

Current PhD Supervision:

  • Wade Bellesbach: The Artistic Vocation in Lutheran Theology
  • Dante Clementi: Silence, Language, and Christian Self-Becoming in Kierkegaard’s Writings on Matthew 6:24 – 34
  • Cameron Crickenberger: Divine Love in Aquinas and Balthasar (with Prof. Simon Oliver)
  • Lance Green: Metaphysics of Embodiment: Sacramental Ontology and Martin Heidegger [successfully defended December 2022]
  • Charles Howell: The Theological Aesthetics of Eberhard Jüngel
  • Jarek Jankowski: Analogy and Ontotheology (with Dr Euan Grant)
  • Austin Kopack: Wittgenstein, Metaphor, and Theology
  • Patrick McGlinchey: The Theological Aesthetics of the Human in the Work of Rowan Williams [successfully defended June 2023]
  • Margaret McKerron: Thomas Erskine of Linlathen, A.J. Scott, and Practiced Theology [successfully defended December 2022]
  • Tomos Roberts-Young: The Divine Will in the Theology of F.D.E. Schleiermacher (with Prof. Bruce McCormack)
  • James Smoker: The Dark Worlds of Samuel Taylor Coleridge’s Imagination (with Dr Gavin Hopps)

Past Courses:

University of St Andrews (2014-2019):


    • Readings in Reformation and Early Modern Theology


    • Eschatology (MLitt in Systematic & Historical Theology)
    • Origins of Christian Theology (MLitt in Systematic & Historical Theology, co-taught with Prof. N.T. Wright)
    • Christian Doctrine and the Arts (MLitt in Theology & the Arts)
    • Theology in 20th-Century German Literature (MLitt in Systematic & Historical Theology and Theology & the Arts, co-taught with Prof. Christoph Schwöbel)
    • Selected Modern Theologian: C.S. Lewis (MLitt in Systematic & Historical Theology)
    • Reading group on Hans-Georg Gadamer, Truth and Method (2015)
    • Reading group on C.S. Lewis, The Abolition of Man (2016)
University of Oxford (2011-2013):


    • Modern & Systematic Theology
    • Issues in Theology 1789 -1921
    • The History and Theology of Western Christianity 1050-1350
    • The Development of Doctrine in the Early Church to AD 451
    • C.S. Lewis


    • Coordinator of the M.St. in Modern Theology (2013/14)
    • Methods and Styles in Theology (seminars and tutorials)
    • Theology and Modern European Thought (seminars)
    • German for Theologians
European College of Liberal Arts (2009-2011):
    • Forms of Love (1st Year General Studies BA Core Course)
    • Faith, Reason and Scepticism (2nd Year General Studies BA Core Course)
    • Introduction to Christianity (1st-3rd Year General Studies BA Elective)
    • The New Testament (1st-3rd Year General Studies BA Elective)
    • Not Yet in the Now: Waiting for the Apocalypse (1st-3rd Year General Studies BA Elective)
    • Phenomenology & Theology (1st Year Postgraduate Elective)

Past PhD supervision:

  • Relation-in-Distinction: Aspects of the God-Creature Relation in the Theology of John Webster
  • History, Participation and Nature: The Contribution of Thomas Aquinas’ Doctrine of Original Sin to a Contemporary Debate
  • A Phenomenological Theology of Glory
  • Religious Experience after Kierkegaard and Heidegger
  • An Ethical and Theological Reading of Heidegger’s Critique of Modernity
  • Human Essence and Soteriological End
  • Christology in the Plays of Dorothy L. Sayers
  • C.S. Lewis and the Neurotic Imagination: A Horneyian Analysis
  • The Nexus of Logos and Psyche: C. S. Lewis’s early reflections upon the nature and operation of literature