Dr Wolfe teaches Systematic and Philosophical Theology, as well as Theology & the Arts.
In 2014, she was awarded a Teaching Excellence Award by the University of Oxford.

Current Courses (2018/19):

Upcoming Courses (2019/20):

Current PhD Supervision:

  • Euan Grant: A Modern Realist Theory of Original Sin in Dialogue with Thomas Aquinas
  • Lance Green: J.R.R. Tolkien and Martin Heidegger
  • Derek Keefe: Theories of Poetic and Religious Language
  • Patrick McGlinchey: The Aesthetic Anthropology of Rowan Williams
  • Margaret McKerron: Legacies Lost and Found: A Study in the Practiced Theology of Thomas Erskine & A. J. Scott
  • Jordan Senner: The Theology of John Webster (co-supervisor with Dr Steve Holmes)

Past PhD supervision:

  • A Phenomenological Theology of Glory
  • Religious Experience after Kierkegaard and Heidegger
  • An Ethical and Theological Reading of Heidegger’s Critique of Modernity
  • Human Essence and Soteriological End
  • Christology in the Plays of Dorothy L. Sayers
  • C.S. Lewis and the Neurotic Imagination: A Horneyian Analysis

Past Courses:

University of St Andrews (2014-2017):
Readings in Reformation and Early Modern Theology
Eschatology (MLitt in Systematic & Historical Theology)
Origins of Christian Theology (MLitt, co-taught with Prof. N.T. Wright)
Reading group on Hans-Georg Gadamer, Truth and Method (2015)
Reading group on C.S. Lewis, The Abolition of Man (2016)

University of Oxford (2011-2013):
Modern & Systematic Theology
Issues in Theology 1789 -1921
The History and Theology of Western Christianity 1050-1350
The Development of Doctrine in the Early Church to AD 451
C.S. Lewis

Coordinator of the M.St. in Modern Theology (2013 – )
Methods and Styles in Theology (seminars and tutorials)
Theology and Modern European Thought (seminars)
German for Theologians

European College of Liberal Arts (2009-2011):
Forms of Love (1st Year General Studies BA Core Course)
Faith, Reason and Scepticism (2nd Year General Studies BA Core Course)
Introduction to Christianity (1st-3rd Year General Studies BA Elective)
The New Testament (1st-3rd Year General Studies BA Elective)
Not Yet in the Now: Waiting for the Apocalypse (1st-3rd Year General Studies BA Elective)
Phenomenology & Theology (1st Year Postgraduate Elective)