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Professor Wolfe has been an invited speaker at academic seminars, workshops and conferences in the UK, USA, Ireland, Germany, Poland, France, Italy, Austria, Denmark, Sweden, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Israel.

She also speaks at literary festivals, museums, bookstores and education events, and has been interviewed for national radio, newspapers, and online media in the UK, USA, Ireland, Denmark, France and Poland. She has spoken about the philosophy of hope on BBC Radio 4’s In Our Time, and about theology and the arts on PBS’s Closer to Truth. A short documentary with and about her can be found at At the Threshold or on YouTube.

Links to event pages and, in the case of some past events, recordings, can be found in the ‘Event’ column below.

Date Title Event Location
4 July 2024 C.S. Lewis on Technology The Faraday Institute Summer Course 2024 Cambridge University
30 May 2024 Thou Hast Made Us for Thyself (keynote) Scottish Dogmatics Conference Aberdeen University
20 March 2024 Time and Eschatological Consciousness Trinité et temporalité. Phénoménologie, métaphysique et théologie Institut Catholique de Toulouse
23 February 2024 Rilke’s Angels Poetry & Theology Symposium Duke University
4 December 2023 Making up a Life Theology & Ethics Research Seminar Durham University
21 November 2023 Art and the Role of Human Making in Knowing the Divine Maker (panel) AAR Annual Meeting 2023 San Antonio, TX
25 October 2023 Last Things and Last Words Literature and Religion Lecture Lancaster University
31 Aug 2023 Who by Fire?
(Closing keynote)
British Society for the Philosophy of Religion annual meeting University of Oxford
19-23 June 2023 Image as Theology (panel) EuARe 2023 annual meeting St Andrews, Scotland
28-29 April 2023 Eschatology as First Philosophy: What Ends for Creation? Creation, Nature, and Grace (conference) Angelicum, Rome
8 March 2023 The Eschatological Imagination in Literature Religion and Literature Lecture University of Notre Dame
23 February 2023 Playing at Selfhood Aberdeen Centre for Protestant Theology lecture University of Aberdeen
30 January 2023 Continental Philosophy and Religious Faith Philosophy Society University of St Andrews
18 Nov 2022 Renewals of Perception in Philosophy, Faith, and Scripture Scripture and Doctrine Seminar, American Academy of Religion Denver
17-26 Oct 2022 The Theological Imagination The Hulsean Lectures University of Cambridge
4-6 July 2022 Inspiration and Imagination Descent of the Dove: 2020 Pusey House Theological Conference Pusey House, Oxford
15-21 May 2022 Reading the Book of Revelation Biblical Narrative and Philosophical Theology (conference) Tantur, Jerusalem
27-30 April 2022 Finding an Ending The Future of Christian Thinking (conference) Pontifical University Maynooth
28-30 March 2022 Between Consummation and Catastrophe: The Antinomy of Eschatology Society for the Study of Theology annual meeting University of Warwick
23-26 February 2022 Panelist in session ‘Philosophy of Religion: Virtues and Religious Practices’ Philosophy of Religion unit, APA (Central Division) annual meeting Chicago
17-18 February 2022 Christian Eschatology Key Concepts in Interreligious Discourses (conference) Bavarian Research Center for Interreligious Discourses, Erlangen
7 Feb 2022 Response to Cyril O’Regan Explorations in Theology and Apocalyptic Online
2 Feb 2022 Towards a Phenomenology of Eschatological Expectation Theology Seminar University of St Andrews
3-4 Dece 2021 Practising the Presence of God: Imaginative formation and the sensus divinitatis Grace & Nature: Contemporary Controversies (conference) Angelicum, Rome
17 Sept 2021 The Imagination in Philosophy and Theology Art in Conversation (Seminar) St Andrews, UK
30 Aug 2021 Reading the Signs of the Times: Theology and the Idea of Progress (keynote) European Academy of Religion annual meeting Münster, Germany
22-23 Aug 2021 Creation and Co-Creation in J.R.R. Tolkien The Tree of Tales (conference) at the Rimini Meeting Rimini, Italy
9-11 July 2021 Response to Cyril O’Regan Theological Genealogies of Modernity University of Oxford
11 June 2021 Inklings of Heaven Abbey Summer School Edinburgh
28 May 2021 Heidegger’s Political Religion (keynote) Heidegger: Politics, History, Modernity Committee on Social Thought, University of Chicago
11 May 2021 The Purpose of Life KUL Philosophical Week Thomistic Institute & Catholic University Lublin
6 May 2021 Response to Heidegger and his Jewish Reception David Patterson Lectures Centre for Hebrew and Jewish Studies, Oxford
23 March 2021 Seminar Theology Seminar King’s College London
5 February 2021 Inspiration and Imagination Metaphysics and Poetics Seminar University of St Andrews
1 May 2020 The Imagination in Art and Faith D Society Faculty of Divinity, Cambridge
27-29 April 2020 Theology in Thomas Mann’s Doctor Faustus Theology in 20th-Century German Literature (Blockseminar) University of St Andrews
16 January 2020 Seminar Theology & Ethics Seminar University of Edinburgh
23 November 2020 Providence and Eschatology AAR Annual Meeting San Diego
13-15 Sep 2019 Eschatological Being New Trinitarian Ontologies (conference) University of Cambridge
9-11 Sep 2019 The Christian Imagination University Lecture Baylor University
5-8 Sep 2019 Creation and New Creation in the Inklings (with Malcolm Guite) DITA10: A Symposium on the Future of Theology and the Arts Duke University
17-19 June 2019 Wrestling with Life: Analytic Theology and Biblical Narratives Tantur, Jerusalem
20-21 May 2019 Eschatology (lecture series) Integrative Seminar Church of Ireland Theological Institute, Dublin
10-13 March 2019 Rilke’s Duino Elegies 2 and 7 Reading Rilke & Eliot Theologically and Philosophically University of St Andrews
8 March 2019 Philosophical Myths of the End Intellectual Origins of Secularism and Catholic Responses (Roundtable) Angelicum, Rome
21-22 Jan 2019 C.S. Lewis (short course) Løgumkloster Kursus Løgumkloster, Denmark
18 Jan 2019 Austin Farrer and C.S. Lewis The Work and Legacy of Austin Farrer (Conference) Keble College, Oxford

Earlier speaking engagements can be found in the Speaking Archive.

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