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C.S. Lewis and the Church

Presented as a Festschrift for Walter Hooper,C.S. Lewis and the Church C.S. Lewis and the Church: Essays in Honour of Walter Hooper examines C.S. Lewis’s ecclesiology, the role of the Church (of England) in his life, and his relation to and significance for Roman Catholicism, Eastern Orthodoxy, and Evangelicalism.





  • … a significant addition to the scholarly work on Lewis… The authors of this book typically strike just the right balance between a survey of the figure at the heart of the particular chapter and a presentation of some specific examples of their theological interests.
    — Church Times
  • This collection of splendid essays portrays a deeply spiritual Lewis from many perspectives. It is an essential read for everyone with interest in any phase of his life.
    — Theological Book Review

Review in Mere Orthodoxy

Review in The Heythrop Journal

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Andrew Cuneo, Introduction: Oxford, 1963, and a Young Boswell

I. The Church in Lewis’s Life

Mark Edwards, C.S. Lewis and Early Christian Literature

Jonathan Herapath, “You Must Throw Yourself in”: C.S. Lewis and the Victorian Literary Church

Francis Warner, Lewis’ Involvement in the Revision of the Psalter

II. The Church in Lewis’s Writings

Michael Ward, The Church in C.S. Lewis’ Fiction

James Como, C. S. Lewis’ Quantum Church: an Uneasy Meditation

Judith Wolfe, C.S. Lewis and the Eschatological Church

Brendan Wolfe, Lewis on Relations between the Churches

III. Lewis and the Churches

Ian Ker, “Mere Christianity” and Catholicism

Kallistos Ware, C.S. Lewis, an “Anonymous Orthodox”?

Chris Mitchell, Lewis and Historic Evangelicalism

Philip Ryken, Lewis as the Patron Saint of American Evangelicalism

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