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Speaking Archive

Current and future speaking engagements are listed on the main Speaking page.


Date Title Event Location
22 Nov 2018 The Philosophy of Hope In Our Time BBC Radio 4
16-20 Nov 2018 Editorial meetings AAR / SBL Denver, Colorado
3 Nov 2018 Inklings of Heaven C.S. Lewis Festival Belfast
22 March 2018 Eschatological Dimensions of the Eucharistic Liturgy Lenten Talk All Saints’ Episcopal Church, St Andrews
5 Dec 2017 Images of New Creation in C.S. Lewis Thurber Lecture American Church in Paris
23 Nov 2017 Eschatology in Modern European Thought Theology and Ethics Research Seminar  Durham University
2 Nov 2017 The Inheritance of Eschatological Thought in Interwar Philosophy After the Cataclysm: Philosophy & Theology in Germany, 1918-1933 (Symposium)  Duke University
6-12 Aug 2017 C.S. Lewis and the Christian Imagination (short course) Oxford Theology Summer School Christ Church, University of Oxford
6 July 2017  Images and their Dissolution Image as Theology II (Colloquium) Notre Dame Global Gateway, Rome
21-22 March 2017  Faith and the Last Things Faith and Reason (Colloquium) University of Oxford
10 March 2017 Theology at St Andrews Ampleforth Higher Education Convention Ampleforth College
18 Sep 2016 Panel on Sacred Arts Sacred Arts Initiative St Vladimir’s Seminary, New York



Date Title Event Location
2 June 2015 Eschatology & Epistemology Research Seminar, Centre for Catholic Studies University of Durham
22 June 2015 Eschatology in the 19th Century Dimensions of 19th-Century Thought Conference University of Oxford
30 June 2015 George MacDonald & the Inklings Summer School in Scottish Studies University of St Andrews
6 July 2015 C.S. Lewis and His Circle The Telegraph Ways with Words Literary Festival Dartington Hall, UK
 11 Aug 2015, 7pm C.S. Lewis and His Circle
Waterstones Bookstore Oxford, UK
10 Oct 2015, 7pm Beholding the Glory: Science, Poetry and Theology in Conversation
with Micheal O’Siadhail, N.T. Wright,
and Eric Priest
St Andrew’s Episcopal Church St Andrews, UK
21 Oct 2015, 7pm 65 Years of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe The Story Museum Oxford, UK
5 Nov 2015 Stephen Mulhall on Radical Finitude and the Religious
Heidegger, Wittgenstein, Mulhall: chemins croisés Colloqium Institut Catholique de Paris
18 Nov 2015 The Shape of 19th-Century Eschatology Theology and Ethics Research Seminar University of Edinburgh
14 Dec 2015 Religion in the Black Notebooks:
Overview & Analyis
Heidegger and Theology after the Black
Notebooks (International Symposium)
University of Lund
3 Feb 2016 Directions in 19th-Century Eschatology Theology and Religious Studies Research Seminar Glasgow University
2 March 2016 Eschatology and Modern European Philosophy Christian Theology Seminar University of Cambridge
21 March 2016 A Critical Look at C.S. Lewis’s The Abolition of Man Theology & Ethics Research Seminar University of Aberdeen
16 April 2016 Eschatology and Human Knowledge of God The Doctrine of God – Conversations with Paul S. Fiddes University of St Andrews
13 May 2016 Catholic Theology and Protestant Philosophy Changing Perspectives in Catholic Theology Radboug University, Nijmegen
30 June 2016 Images and their Dissolution Image as Theology I (Colloquium) Notre Dame Global Gateway, London