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Journal of Inklings Studies

JIS COVERThe Journal of Inklings Studies is the premier academic journal on the Oxford literary circle known as the Inklings, their debts and legacies. Established in 2005 (originally as the C.S. Lewis Chronicle), the journal has been publishing some of the best scholarship in the field, as well as original material by its subject authors. It expands this tradition in the newly launched Inklings Studies Supplements.

The Journal of Inklings Studies is a collaboration of the Oxford University C.S. Lewis Society, the Charles Williams Society, the Owen Barfield Literary Estate, and the G.K. Chesterton Library. The journal is published by Edinburgh University Press. It is fully peer-reviewed and indexed in the MLA and ATLA Religion.

The Journal of Inklings Studies appears twice annually (April and October) in print and electronic formats. The full archive of book reviews of both INK and the Chronicle is on open access as a service to the growing community of Inklings readers and scholars.

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