Prof. Wolfe is currently working on two large research projects:

  • Eschatology and Modern European Thought, continuing her work on the impact of eschatological thought on nineteenth- and twentieth-century European philosophy, and
  • The Eschatological Imagination, expanding her work on literary engagements with eschatology.

These involve work on two monographs, and overlap with participation in three research networks:

Heidegger and Theology after the Black Notebooks (2015-2017)

This research network investigates the relevance of Martin Heidegger’s newly published intellectual diaries – the most important items to emerge from the philosopher’s Nachlass in the last 15 years – for his theological reception. The network is led by Prof. Jayne Svenungsson (University of Lund), and includes Peter Trawny, editor of the Black Notebooks, and collaborators from Germany, Sweden and the UK. It is hosted by the University of Lund (Sweden) and funded by the Bank of Sweden Tercentenary Foundation and the Birgit and Sven Håkan Ohlsson Foundation. A joint volume entitled Black Thoughts: Heidegger and the Future of Theology is forthcoming with Palgrave.


Image as Theology (2016-2018)

This interdisciplinary network explores how images have guided the development of theological formulations in the past and, more generally, how images can facilitate theological expression in a way words cannot. It is led by Dr Casey Strine (Sheffield), Dr Mark McInroy (University of St Thomas), and Dr Alexis Torrance (Notre Dame), and includes researchers from the US and Europe. It is funded by the Manfred Lautenschläger Stiftung and the University of Notre Dame.


Philosophy and Theology in Germany, 1918-1933 (2017-2019)

This network facilitates a focused, cross-disciplinary conversation about the struggles of German philosophy and theology to regain their bearings during the decade and a half following the end of WWI. The network is led by Prof. Thomas Pfau (Duke) and Dr Judith Wolfe (St Andrews), and includes John Betz (Notre Dame), Peter Gordon (Harvard), Paul Mendes-Flohr (Chicago), Cyril O’Regan (Notre Dame), Thomas Sheehan (Stanford), and Holger Zaborowski (Vallendar).


For Prof. Wolfe’s published research, go to Publications.